His Decision
His Decision
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There he is; the epitome of all my dreams and fantasies put together. He's just sitting there, leaning against a tree. I feel my heart start to speed up. How does he do this to me? Make me feel so vulnerable, scared and happy at the same time by his mere presence? I continue to stare at him, just drinking in his beauty with my eyes.

Beautiful. Yes, that's what he is. Sure, he's also temperamental, rude, and arrogant, but he still is the most beautiful person I've ever seen. I never knew that someone sitting could be such a turn on. Maybe it's only just him. Hell, he could even make clipping his toe nails look sexy.

Oh no, is he looking at me? He-he couldn't know, could he? I look around and to my relief and disappointment I see Bulma and Trunks behind me. My shoulders slump just a little. So that's what he was looking at: his family.

"My glasses slip and a push it farther up my nose. Of course he was looking at them. Why would he want me: a book-nerd and a MAN nonetheless. Not to mention the fact that I'm his rival's son.

I give a sigh and look over at my teenaged daughter, Pan, and my ex-wife, Videl. Videl catches me looking at her and she gives a slight smile. I smile back at her and I feel worse than crap for what I did to her. She's proof that I'd tried to get over Vegeta. And maybe, for a brief moment, I thought I did. I tried to love her, really I did, but I couldn't. It was all an illusion. Having Pan only strengthened the illusion, and for a fleeting moment, I thought I could do it. I thought I could love Videl and our family would be happy together. But no matter how many times I tried to make the illusion real, I couldn't. I was just fooling myself. I will never get over Vegeta. I know that, now.

That's because I love him.

Yes, after years of denail, I finally admit that I love Vegeta. I am a man who has made many mistakes and hurt people that I cared about just because I couldn't admit that simple fact. That Vegeta is the one for me. I have been fighting with myself ever since I became aware of these feelings, but I give up now. I can't deny what I truly feel is right. I won't deny it.

I walk toward him, determined to see this through. This is what twenty years of pent-up emotion has lead up to. Yes, this is the time. The time to stop lying.

"Vegeta, can I talk to you for a second?"

the end

[ //:words / misc fanfics / his decision ]